Hello everyone! I'm Alessia Conterno, and I'm 19 years old.
I'm a University student of Turin, Italy.
At the moment I'm attending a course called 'Business & Management' at SAA university of Turin.

I would say that my biggest passion in life is "Art" in general. That's because since I was very young, I found in art the possiblity to escape reality just for a little and relax.
I love to try new art forms and techniques and experiment with different variations of art, such as: sculpting, painting, making jewels in resin, in FIMO and finally working with digital art.

I define myself as a 'Creative' because there is nothing I wouldn't be curious enough to art-wise, and feel passionate about it.
In art I find the only way to actually express myself and my darkest and deepest feelings. Feelings I would otherwise be unable to convey with just words.

I hope You will enjoy my work and I also hope that my art can transmit you something.
Below I enclose my contact information where you can get a hold of me:
Email: alessia.conterno@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alessia.conterno
Instagram (personal profile):https://www.instagram.com/alessiaconterno/?hl=it
Instagram (artistic profile):https://www.instagram.com/conternoalessiaart/?hl=it